Let’s talk about EYEBROWS!!!

I love creating Eyebrows, at this point I should just wax tweeze and microblade them too lol!! The reason why I love focusing on Brows, is because they frame the face, and they  reshape it making my clients features look more proportionate. Brows are a tricky to do, not only does your client have to feel comfortable, they have to look as natural as possible, not too dark or too sharp, too raised or too curved. Everyone likes something different, think about how tricky it could be when your client is used to having the same brows for sometimes a decade! When I get a client who is open to creating a whole new look, it's so exciting for me to look at someone's face and see how thick, thin curved sharp long raised I can go! I don't always go thick even though that style is in, I go based on their features. Some clients look amazing with thinner brows it can lift a whole eyelid, my non surgical trick!

The trickb3a6c2_9ee50541b2f0c75c226738d97c38b33d is to go by their natural brow frame and then based on how big their eyes are set I usually go by a proportion rule that shows where I should start the brow. Using a pen align it up straight from where your nostril ends up towards the brow (start point),  from there drag the pen over  to the middle of your iris for the highest point/arch then again drag it down for your end point as seen on the picture.

I love using a combo between wax and powder for the brows, everyone is different when it comes to shades, but taupe mixed with light brown for lighter brow types is normally good and flat brown for darker hair types. One thing I almost never do is use black wayyyyyyyyyyyy to harsh please don't do it, unless your the 1% it looks good on. My last secret for the day to help you perfect your brow game, is always have a mascara wand brush on hand this is the trick to blending those powder lines that might look too harsh! Oh yeah and I always highlight under and over the brow with lighter concealer!

xoxo Jenna Medina

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