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Hair fun with Braids!

I love when I can get creative with my clients! Giving me full range to perfect my skills. I had Kyla and Paola come over yesterday for Hair and Makeup for a wedding that they were attending. Kyla has a lot of hair so nice and full, she gave me full range to do whatever…
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Let’s talk about EYEBROWS!!!

I love creating Eyebrows, at this point I should just wax tweeze and microblade them too lol!! The reason why I love focusing on Brows, is because they frame the face, and they ┬áreshape it making my clients features look more proportionate. Brows are a tricky to do, not only does your client have to…
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Valentine’s Wedding good or bad?

Valentines day wedding good idea or bad? I had this sweet gorgeous bride booked for a Valentines day wedding. Now it was a small romantic last minute kind of wedding, she thought it was cheesy, I thought it was genius. Leading up to the day I had quite an eventful weekend, and every time I…
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