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Why JMFitness?


I am committed to my clients the whole way through, from initial consultation and goal setting to eating plans and staying motivated day in and day out. It is my mission to make sure everyone of my clients work hard, stay on task and meet their goals – we’re in it together!


Nothing gives you experience like training yourself and learning through trial and error. Over the past 5 years I've learned so much about how the body and mind respond to different training and eating methods. And remember…I’ve been there, just check out my personal transformation below.


A positive and non-judgmental approach allows clients to feel comfortable. I have an amazing relationship with my clients, they tell me about all their highs and lows, cheats and breakthroughs.


I am dedicated to my clients, always available to answer questions and work through concerns. I will work as hard as you do, and that’s a promise!

About Jenna…My Personal Transformation

I can. You can. We can!


"Being freed of feeling uncomfortable is priceless" JM

Jenna's love for working out and healthy living led her to compete in her first fitness competition in 2011. The change in training programs and food prep transformed her physique so much that even she was surprised at the results. Jenna had been training consistently for 8 years prior and never saw the changes in her physique like she did once she set out to compete. The want to start training herself and learn just how much the body responds to different training styles and food prep was essential to her transformation. For Jenna’s second fitness competition she decided to train and prep herself the whole way through, from start to finish. The change was incredible. Documenting most of her fitness journey clients, friends and family started asking her to train them. After becoming fully certified as a CanfitPro personal trainer and Eat Clean Foundations, Jenna immediately began to work with the clients so eager to work with her.


"Seeing the change in myself and my clients is incredible. The physical change is great, but it was my new found mental strength and shift towards a more positive outlook that made me the happiest." JM


- Jenna is the official  Personal Trainer for The Canadian Cancer Society's Mudmoiselle Mud Run. Along with being a Published Fitness Model.


One of Jenna's successful clients loosing 10 inches and 22 lbs in 10 weeks, training twice a week, on a food plan and with added cardio.



Testimonial: How Jenna Helps…

"The changes that have happened in the past 3 months have been amazing. Not only do I look and feel amazing, my health has never been better. My pinched nerve has not reacted once in 3 months it used to bother me every other week, my outlook on life has improved tremendously. I've never been happier thanks to Jenna"-  Lee


We are all working towards some sort of fitness or lifestyle goal. Whether you want to walk up the stairs pain free, getting ready for a special event or losing weight - all of these goals will help improve your quality of life. The path will not always be easy, but, together we will make it an enjoyable and positive experience.

My mission as a trainer and health coach is to provide everyone with the opportunity to pursue their fitness and lifestyle goals, whatever they may be. In doing so, I strive to bring people out of their comfort zones, reach their full potential and lead a more confident and authentic life.

Let’s Get Started Today

Each new client receives a FREE Initial Consultation prior to starting their exercise program. With this free session, you will meet me 1:1 to discuss your goals and inform me of any limitations to exercise that you may have.
Pricing will vary based on location, sessions and time please email for inquiries. Also Subscribe to my offical YouTube page Jenna Glamology there are so many tips and tricks on Fitness, Food and Makeup.


Phone: 647.283.6972

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  • One on One Personal Training
  • Group Training Packages
  • Training & Nutrition packages
  • Team up Nutrition Plans
  • 3 Months to a New You!
  • Montly Online Training & Nutrition
  • 6 Weeks Trial Blast Pack
  • Full Body Makeover