Meal Prepping with Clients!

When you're starting a Fitness Journey Nutrition plays a huge part in the success of a clients journey. I always get clients to journal their food for at least 1-2 weeks prior to writing them a food plan to get a sense of what they like and crave.  For example I'm a chocolate lover so I incorporate chocolate daily into my meal plans so that I don't go on a chocolate binge! Throughout years of eating clean and consistently learning, I've found the most important part of meal prep is eating whole foods that have beneficial properties in them and foods that taste good and bring a sense of enjoyment.

Being dedicated to my clients, I recently had a client who was struggling with her meal plan, I needed her to succeed. She has been killing her training sessions and is so committed to her fitness journey. So I thought I need to take her shopping and really go through her kitchen to find out what is really going on.

What an eye opening experience, while walking through the isles and picking out her foods I began to realize that she was skipping the most important meal of her prep the one that included the most carbs to fuel  her day..... Breakfast. It all made sense, I remember struggling with my weight and knowing how easy it was to skip out of morning meals because I had the will power to do it, and then remembering the night binge sessions I used to have because I skipped breakfast. It's a crazy viscous cycle that needs to be stopped and reset. Along with skipping meals she didn't know how to make foods taste good, I forget that most people don't cook. Adding certain herbs and seasoning's can do a world wind on your meal prep. Now I am so proud to say she is on the right track and not only is she enjoying the foods she feels amazing! This is definitely a new service I will be adding to my list! Dedicated to changing lives and making people feel good!-

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