Glamming up Lyzabeth Lopez- My full circle moment

Where do I start, Lyzabeth Lopez?! This was really a full circle moment for me, so I'm going to have to take you back to where it all started. Let me rewind about 6-7 years ago.I was working in medical aesthetics, and me and my clients used to follow Lyzabeth and admire her so much - she was stunning and curvy all the things I needed to see growing up with a big booty! Straight Perfection! Fast forward two years I had a bucket list moment as I was approaching my 30s and thought I really want to do a fitness show, but, before I embarrass myself on stage I should book a photo shoot with a really good photographer. My thinking was to see how my body would respond to my own version of diet and exercise. And so I did. I booked my very first fitness shoot with Arthur from ArsenikStudios; I did my own hair and makeup, of coarse! After that amazing experience my confidence boosted, I was on to the next item on my bucket list

Owning my own business was something I always knew I would do, what that business would be however, was always the struggle. My trade is makeup, so I always did makeup for weddings and friends and they would always say, “Jenna,THIS is what you should do!” A year and a half after my photo shoot with Arthur Glamology was born. I worked my ass off to build up my makeup business, and how I was going to make a living doing makeup, which to be honest, back then seemed to only be on Saturdays.

My full circle moment goes back four years to what launched me into the fitness industry. I had a friend who knew Leni Strineka, the first Hourglass franchise owner, and coincidently Lyzabeth's company. They do a lot of their challenge winner photo shoots with Arthur at ArsenikStudios, and my friend referred me to Leni for makeup on this shoot. There I was doing 16 people, back-to-back, every 30 minutes. I was down for the challenge and I remember Leni calling me and saying, “girl, are you sure you can handle 16 people? Arthur normally gets three artists in when there's that many people.” Me being me I'm like, “no, I'm good, I can handle it!”

I had no idea what I was really getting myself into (lol!) I just knew it was an opportunity I couldn't miss out on. As I arrived to the shoot, I saw Arthur who then remembered me from two years back which was a comforting moment because Arthur is simply the best and always makes me feel comfortable. Then, and I saw Lyzabeth who was so sweet in person along with Leni and all her Hourglass girls!

Halfway through the shoot I was ahead of schedule and all the girls looked amazing, I pulled it off and looking back, I can’t say I knew exactly how. All I remember was that Arthur and Lyzabeth both came up to me and said I did a wicked job and they were surprised I pulled it off! That was a moment that I will never forget, it's what started me working with Arthur at ArsenikStudios at Inside Fitness and with Lyzabeth and all the Hourglass workout girls.
I’m bless for the opportunity, and want to encourage everyone out there to follow your passion and work hard – don’t be scared when opportunity comes knocking, just answer the door and put your best face foward 

Fast forward to this weekend when Lyzabeth her self emailed me to come to makeup and hair on a video shoot that she was filming for her new blog; Hourglasslife OMG really I couldn't sleep for two nights straight stressing about it. This was a huge moment for me, I really felt like the whole day was so surreal I got to glam up Lyzabeth! She has supported me since day 1 it's just nuts! On top of everything she was such a sweetheart feeding the whole crew so gently and kind.

The Look; Lyzabth is so gorgeous naturally honestly she one of those rare beauties that no matter what you put on her she’ll still look amazing. I have a signature look for beauties like this; Don’t overpower them with makeup stick to natural glows and highlights. We went with a natural glow makeup and a cute off to the side French braid with light natural wave. She looked stunning!

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