Photoshoot for Rentfrockrepeat New collection Web update.

Have you guys heard of this amazing place called Rentfrockrepeat? Well if you haven't your missing out. Located in Toronto, this place rents out the most amazing designer dresses, from tight sexy numbers to gorgeous classy gowns for all events. When you book your consultation you'll be set up for an hour appointment with a skilled stylist who will help you pick out the perfect designer dress for a wicked price, along with shoes and accessories and now Glamology will offer makeup and hair to all their customers too!IMG_5212nn I actually rented a dress for the Hot & Fit party for Inside Fitness and I loved it! I really didn't realize the difference a well structure dress made. I was doing hair and makeup the whole day before my event, and I just felt so bloated by the time the event came around, but being in that dress made me feel so comfortable because it sucked me right in and made me feel confident. I paired up with this company just before my event so it worked out perfectly, I always need to experience things for myself before I promote it.Ribbet collagerentfrock




Last Saturday was my first time working with the two lovely owners Lisa and Kristy and their team for their new collection photo shoot to update their website. What a crazy day! It was awesome getting to see all the amazing dresses. I started at 7.3am there was probably about 8 models in total maybe more, I was mainly doing hair, which I still find funny because it's not really my forte but most seem to like it, maybe it's just because I taught myself and learned off of experts in the industry vs going to school for two years for makeup at sheridan. It's funny how things turn out, never the way you  envision it to. AnywRibbet collagerentays the set was wicked right in the back of their store with racks upon racks of gorgeous dresses, shoes laid out stunning pieces of jewellery. I felt like I was working and shopping all at the same time, such a crazy rush feeling. The models and the staff where amazing, and the fact that I got to get creative with slick back hair do's and dark sexy lips, messy buns and so much fun! Looking forward to working with them again what a blast! I snapchatted the whole thing Jennamedina1984 xoxox

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