ArnoldsClassic Bodybuilding show Makeup& Hair

The Arnolds!! Omg where do I start! This was my second year going down, my first year was purely for fun to check it out, but this year was for work, and I worked worked worked my butt off with my girl Cherry. Ribbet collagearnoldsI was fortunate to  have had the experience working down there thanks to Cherry, she's been doing this for years and knows everybody, she does spray tans too,  so her  fitness game is strong! Annnnnd for me I got to sit back and relax and watch sexy ripped 20 years old guys walk in, get naked and sprayed lol. I'm just joking I'm always professional when it comes to personal matters I definitely did not see them naked, but I did see a lot of abs and glutes!

The way the Arnolds works is the bikini girls are on Thursday morning and if they qualify top ten they go on to the finals on Saturday morning. The Arnolds is a fierce competition especially for Canadians. Canadian competitors have to go through regional, provincial and national stage in order to just qualify for the Arnolds, then a written approval or  invite must take place. Anyone that makes it to Arnold stage should be so proud, the dedication and prep that happens is unreal. Cherry had set up for me to do makeup and hair for the girls competing and the girls at the booth for the Expo which takes place on the Friday, Sat & Sunday. Ribbet collagearnolds2Thursday  morning up at 4.3 am,  the girls ran smoothly back to back until 10am when they got ready to jump on stage, me and cherry work good together I'm pretty crazy when it comes to timing and having everyone done and cherry is relaxed and laid back so it's a perfect mix of energy. Thursday night we joined the ArsenikStudios team for an amazing steak dinner at the Hyde Park Steakhouse, by the way the carrot cake is a must, Thanks Arthur! Inside Fitness and the Arsenikstudios team heads down every year to create wicked photos with all the incredible athletes. After that amazing dinner we went to mingle at the Hyatt bar where everyone goes  during the Arnolds. Friday morning up at 5am for the booth girls, Candee and Kathleen where so cute, they launched for the first time, never done before Protein Baklava and it was amazing. A must try, their company is called Oasishommus. After glamming our booth girls we found out all the girls we did hair and makeup for on Thursday qualified for Saturday!!! We were so happy for them, but then had a moment when we realized we will have the same volume of girls from Thursday and now the booth girls too, so what did we do start at 4am, up at 3.15 Saturday morning.  12805716_1023679167718993_2441601349508171818_nWe did it, we managed everyone, hustled like crazy and had the best time glamdollin everyone up, and on top of it our girls did amazing!! We had two girls that placed, one being gold! Finally after that rush it was time to hit the Expo have some dance parties and relax!!!! We still had booth girls to do Sunday morning but up at 6am so for us that was sleeping in! The Expo was nuts, from WWE to all the Fitness cover models, really wicked treats to try out,  Protein everything, random scull masks, bumping music, american dance team girls, dance parties that weren't appreciated and much more! What a rush and an amazing experience w my girl Cherry xoxo If you followed me on snap chat you could of seen everything don't miss out next time my snap is JennaMedina1984 xoxo





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