Vitamin Infusion Treatment

I was so excited to get an invite from Revive Canada's Skin Health Clinic to try their Vitamin Infusion Treatment. Talk about perfect timing, I had just got back from Mexico, and as much as I tried to keep my face out of the sun, there was no way around it when I went snorkelling. So on top of my sun damage, my skin was so dry and dehydrated. I needed this.

I was very curious to see the new clinic. Most people forget that I worked for plastic surgeons, and I was a medical esthetician for years. I've had extensive training in skincare brands and medical treatments. I wanted to see how good a vitamin facial could really be without using lasers and chemicals.

Located in the heart of Toronto, King West this clinic was so clean and polished with a soothing energy. I had this lovely nurse esthetician, Melissa who was very knowledgeable with a graceful touch. She had explained that the electric current and ultra sound waves where meant to shake and penetrate the vitamin infusion deeper into the dermal layers of the skin.

It was definitely an interesting experience hearing the sound waves, and feeling the electric current. It wasn't painful at all, but it also wasn't that relaxing, however end results where WORTH IT! Hands down, not only was my skin silky smooth, it actually did help with my melasma sun damage which was a pleasant surprise.

I'm usually always good with my skincare regime and staying out of the sun, but for once I fell off. This treatment really did set me back into place, my skin feels completely rejuvenated and I'm still in shock that my sun spots lighten.

Definitely recommend trying it out! Thanks guys!



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